On entering the church a unique atmosphere embraces visitors, inviting them to reflection. The spacious interior, designed in a symmetrical and serene form captivates, as does the muted, tranquil and seemingly mysterious colouring of the murals. Whoever perceives this unusually peaceful mood, has a fair understanding of the major characteristics of the „Beuron School of Art“.
The art of Beuron is a mystical, liturgical and therefore at the same time also a monastic-Benedictine art form, inviting the viewer to merely behold, adore and contemplate the nature and mystery of God. The art of Beuron breathes peace and, in a wonderful way, is timeless. In this respect, it has an affinity with its great model, the ancient Egyptian art. Architecture and painting, which are closely related, transmit an unwavering tranquility and majesty. The abstraction of all motion is executed consistently to the last detail: straight lines determine the appearance of the architecture; the strictly stylistic and stylized dominate the painting; the choice of colour is harmonious and uniform.
There is hardly a direction in art, which expresses resting in God, that essential feature of mystical contemplation, more clearly than Beuron. It may be difficult for many people nowadays, who appreciate art only for art’s sake, to grasp this „l’art pour Dieu“ (art for God). But someone, for whom art is content of thought – with more depth than the word – and who is willing to listen and to see, who lets himself be stimulated and be led into the mystery, to such a person these paintings will open up as a precious treasure-trove. He will be guided beyond himself and led into the infinite expanse of eternity.